Go for it!

We’ve all had moments where we end up confused as hell as to should you go for the plan/idea/dream/passion . No wonder everybody does! Today I’m going to talk on the very same issue! How to deal with such a situation. Before we start!! Consider I’m not being a lifeguru I’m just trying to share my own experience!


They say you’re gut,your instinct is God’s voice and everybody outside is just distracting you.But you need to consider that sometimes it’s not your gut but your contradiction (zid) .And that’s okay but you need to calm down and think if thus can lead to anything negative and if so then are there any solutions to it! If not than maybe my dear you should be quitting but if you are ready to bear the consequence and isn’t causing any harm to you then go for it.it’s really the God’s voice! when it’s about your passion,Always give a try because atleast you won’t regret the missed opportunity!

but at last it’s all your choice! Who knows what’s in store for you :)♥